GUEST POST: Breastfeeding Blues turned Breastfeeding Bliss

ORIGINALLY POSTED: December 08, 2009
babyREADY has been gifted with our first guest post. Please welcome Andrea Maciula Peters and comment so she knows how much you’ve loved her post!

Nobody told me that breastfeeding would be difficult, hard, and exhausting in the beginning so I wanted to tell whomever chose to read this blog, that it is! They suggest going to breastfeeding classes beforehand and I should’ve listened. Instead I just trusted that the hospital’s lactation consultant would help me if I needed it! Right after my c-section they wheel my daughter and I into a very cool, brightly lit room and say okay take some time and feed her. Here she is after being ripped from my loins, literally, wrapped like a burrito and her eyes are sealed shut due to the goo they have smeared on them and we are supposed to establish breastfeeding? Hmm. This is how the breastfeeding blues began.

I couldn’t get her to latch on so we went to my room, we had our visitors and when she seemed hungry again I asked for the lactation consultant to come visit us! She spent around twenty minutes showing me how to move her little chin and shove her face to my breast. Then she showed me the football hold which I still cannot do, and told me there was a good book in Ainsley’s bassinet drawers for further help. Also, she would come to my house if needed later on to help more. Then it was back to square one. So being the stubborn person I am, I started reading the book. Ainsley was a champion and she latched on pretty well most times but it did hurt. I smeared my lanolin on everytime after she fed and I am glad I did.

When we got home I was so sore and tired and swollen that life seemed almost as miserable as being 37 weeks pregnant. But I had to be happy! My dreams finally had come true, I was a mother! And I had a precious baby girl that was absolutely perfect. Now, I had to feed her every two hours it seemed like and she never slept when I wanted/needed to, but my milk came in and we were doing good.

There were other problems from surgery that weren’t a breastfeeding thing, but more of a blues thing. They put you on percocet when you have a c-section because it doesn’t “hurt” the baby. However, it makes you very tired and very stopped up. I only took the pain pills for 10 days then went to just Ibreprofen and Tylenol for my sore uterus, innerds, and skin. This definitely contributed to the “Blues”.

My mother and grandmother only breastfed for short periods of time, so they were not much help when it came to pushing me a bit. However, my husband knew that my wishes were to breastfeed not fill her with formula and he gave me the right nudges and hid all the formula samples they gave us!

Fast forward to week eight and I get mastitus, a breast infection that makes you feel like you have the worst flu and your breast or breasts hurt like they have razors coming out of them. How to get rid of it: breastfeeding safe antibiotics and nurse as much as possible! I wanted to give up so many times and this was one of them. Nurse as much as possible when it feels like I have a veliciraptor with razors for gums, not really that easy!

I called friends and emailed family members and they all said the same thing. You can do this! You are doing the best thing for your child and give it time to get better! My best friend of 20 years told me to “give it thirty days” and that was perfect! I could do 30 days and then assess the situation. After the first 30 I looked at the formula samples I had all over the house and said I can do this 30 more days. And so on. Thus, my breastfeeding bliss began! Mind you it took a good month but it came.

Thanks to my husband, friends, and family members for their support and stories of successful breastfeeding. We are now still exclusively breastfeeding Ainsley and she is doing great! Her cognitive skills are surprisingly fast and I love the fact that her growth is part miracle and my hard work.

I plan on breastfeeding Ainsley as long as possible. We will see how that comes along now that she’s starting to teethe, I hear it’s not bad it just takes training!

If you are considering breastfeeding please know that it is worth it! It gets easier and faster after the first two months! Being your child’s main nutrition is tough at first but then you become proud of nurturing your little one not only emotionally, but also physically!
Remember to be prepared and know that if you are feeling the “blues” or stressed there are support groups out there for you! You don’t even have to call you can just type! Local Le Leche Groups can help with support or you can search bfeeding or breastfeeding on Twitter and find a whole group of Pro-Breastfeeding mommies! Good luck and I hope your breastfeeding experience is one of joy!

POSTED BY: Andrea Maciula Peters


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