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I'm a lesbian, feminist, environmentalist, AP supporting, intactavist, lactavist mom to 2 boys & work as a writer & prof. public speaker

GUEST POST – Useful Tips for Child Proofing Your Home

ORIGINALLY POSTED: September 19, 2010 GUEST POST – by Jane Thompson With parenthood come a lot of responsibilities. Parents have not only to provide all the basic needs but also ensure that the baby is safe in the home. Child … Continue reading

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Letting Our Children Learn to Play In The Park

ORIGINALLY POSTED: May 20, 2010 The weather is nicer. The trees and grass are greening up and everyone is anxious to get outside and explore the world. Last year your toddler was happy to hold your hand and walk beside … Continue reading

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Where there’s a WILL . . .

ORIGINALLY POSTED: February 21, 2010 The coffee table conversation quiets to a near whisper when it’s been mentioned that one of the couples present has an appointment Monday afternoon to speak with their lawyer about having a will written up. … Continue reading

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GUEST POST from Michelle at doudou bebe

ORIGINALLY POSTED: February 18, 2010 My baby boy just turned three and my baby girl will be six soon. Every year since I became a mother, this is a tough time. I love planning the birthdays: the cakes, the venue, … Continue reading

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GUEST POST: Breastfeeding Blues turned Breastfeeding Bliss

ORIGINALLY POSTED: December 08, 2009 babyREADY has been gifted with our first guest post. Please welcome Andrea Maciula Peters and comment so she knows how much you’ve loved her post! Nobody told me that breastfeeding would be difficult, hard, and exhausting … Continue reading

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Natural Toys For Children

ORIGINALLY POSTED: December 07, 2009 As gifts for my children go, it has always been the ones with the bright colours, shiny lights and freaky, technicolour sounds that have put me off. When my boys were small our house seemed … Continue reading

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Raising Boys Who Aren’t Violent

ORIGINALLY POSTED: December 06, 2009 My morning started out by reading this: “Remembering…..Anne-Marie Edward, Anne-Marie Lemay, Annie St Arneault, Annie Turcotte, Barbara Daigneault, Barbara Maria Klucznik, Genevieve Bergeron, Helene Colgan, Maryse LeClaire, Maryse Leganiere, Maud Haviernier, Michele Richard, Nathalie Croteau, … Continue reading

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