babyREADY is proud to offer the following services:


Our classes are fashioned in a relaxed style and are offered in two locations.  We run 6-week, midweek series classes as well as 10-hour weekend intensive classes out of the offices of Midwifery Care~North Don River Valley, 200 Finch Avenue West, Suite 109, North York, ON as well as from our base in Burlington, Ontario.  You choose which location works best for you and we take care of the rest. 

In these classes we talk about everything from the signs and symptoms of labour, the labour process and how it unfolds, when to contact your midwife and/or go to the hospital, potential interventions and variations in labour, keeping your new baby safe, breastfeeding and anything else that you would like us to spend time talking about.

The cost for these classes is $175.00/couple for the 10-hour weekend intensive series and $200.00/couple for the 6-week midweek series.  We do ask you to pay $50.00 up front as a deposit to hold your spot with the balance being due at the beginning of the first class.


For $50.00 we will come to your home or place of work and install your child’s car seat and ensure you are aware of the best way to make your child safe in your vehicle.  We are certified Child Restraint Technicians through St. John Ambulance and Transport Canada.


Our birth services include at least one meeting in advance of the birth to discuss your hopes and wishes for the pending arrival of your baby(babies).  We will come to you when you call us in labour and remain with you until at least one hour after the baby is born.  We will also come to your home at least one time after the birth to see if there are any “new parent anxieties” we can help you learn more about so that you can feel comfortable in your role as a parent to this new baby.  We guarantee our availability to you and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the time you are 38 weeks gestation until after the birth.

The fee for our birth services is $1200.00 per birth (whether you are having one baby or more) and we ask that $500.00 of that be paid at the time you sign the contract to work with us.


We are trained and experienced lactation specialists and will travel to you to make sure we help your breastfeeding experience is comfortable and smooth.  Our fees are $75.00 for the first hour and $50.00 per hour after that.


Our planners have the training and experience to plan the dream baby shower, outfit a baby nursery or make your home eco-friendly and allergy free.  Our concierge services don’t stop there.  Whether you are looking for in-home spa treatments, family photography sessions or on-going parenting support, you tell us what your dreams and plans are and we do the rest! Our fees start at $150.00 for the first 1-2 hour meeting where we discuss your budget and make plans to execute your wishes.


Our skilled postpartum support staff has had the chance to work with hundreds of babies (singletons and multiples) and can come to your home through the day to help you learn to care for your newborn baby, to help with breastfeeding and to mind the baby while you rest.  We can also come out through the night to listen for the baby so that you can sleep with both eyes closed and leave the worry out of your dream cycle.

Fees for daytime postpartum support services is $30.00 per hour and our fees for nighttime postpartum support services is $35.00 per hour.  We do ask for a minimum 3-hour commitment per day.


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